nah i'm chillin


Sign me the fuck up

if i ever went to a 1d concert with no guardian oh my god let one of these white girls push me i would knock them back into the suburbs


Steal His Style: benedict cumberbatch

green alien suit (48.99)


Hey kids, as we approach Halloween I just wanted you guys to be careful and say DON’T FUCK WITH SPIRITS. Don’t mess with Ouija Boards, don’t talk to no dead people, don’t fuck with demons, don’t summon shit, don’t dick around in abandoned buildings. If you are considering a thing, just think, “would a white person in a horror movie do this thing?” If the answer is yes, then don’t do the thing.


R.I.P to every innocent person who died because of 9/11.



Not taking any chances

just incase


what if every time you fart you lose memories of the past